wingen 2.1.2

Patch to fix L argument defaults and improve documentation.

The wingen default for all functions is now L = "nvariants", which sets L to the number of variants in the VCF when calculating pi. This was already the default in the original window_gd() function, but circle_gd() and resist_gd() had L = NULL as the default, which returns the sum over SNPs of nucleotide diversity. We have also improved documentation for L.

wingen 2.1.1

Minor changes for CRAN

Switch to ggplot() in examples and preview_gd()

Simplification of vignette and examples

wingen 2.1.0

Fixed handling of arguments passed to functions via ...

There was a bug that resulted in arguments not being passed to*_general()/*_gd() functions; this has been fixed for *_general() and deprecated for *gd() (see below)

Deprecation of ... for window_gd()/circle_gd()/resist_gd() and addition of sig argument

Removal of parallel and ncores arguments

parallelization must now be set up outside of functions, as described in the vignette

Removal of sp

The sp package is no longer imported by wingen

Changes to grd argument

The grd argument in krig_gd() now only accepts SpatRaster and Raster objects

wingen 2.0.1


Deprecation of parallel and ncores arguments

The parallel and ncores arguments have been deprecated for all functions.

Instead, future::plan() should be used to setup parallelization (see the package vignette for more details).

wingen 2.0.0


Major updates

Minor updates

wingen 1.1.0


Update to terra and sf

Breaking changes

wingen 1.0.0


Initial release of the wingen R package