poolr: Package for Pooling the Results from (Dependent) Tests

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The poolr package contains functions for pooling/combining the results (i.e., p-values) from (dependent) hypothesis tests. Included are Fisher’s method, Stouffer’s method, the inverse chi-square method, the Bonferroni method, Tippett’s method, and the binomial test. Each method can be adjusted based on an estimate of the effective number of tests or using empirically derived null distribution using pseudo replicates. For Fisher’s, Stouffer’s, and the inverse chi-square method, direct generalizations based on multivariate theory are also available (leading to Brown’s method, Strube’s method, and the generalized inverse chi-square method).


You can read the documentation of the poolr package online at https://ozancinar.github.io/poolr/ (where it is nicely formatted, equations are shown correctly, and the output from all examples is provided).


The current official (i.e., CRAN) release can be installed directly within R with:


After installing the remotes package with install.packages("remotes"), the development version of the poolr package can be installed with:



The poolr package was written by Ozan Cinar and Wolfgang Viechtbauer. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2. To report any issues or bugs, please go here.