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gsheet is a simple package to download [Google Sheets]( (aka Google Docs Spreadsheets) using just the sharing link. Sheets can be downloaded as a data frame, or as plain text to parse manually.


Install from CRAN with:


Or install the latest development version from github with:


Getting started

Download a google sheet as a table with:



More control

If you want more control, you might want to use something like:

url <- ''
a <- gsheet2text(url, format='csv')
b <- read.csv(a, stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

This way the table can be cleaned before parsing, and different options can be used in parsing.

Downloading other sheets

If you want to download a sheet other than the first, you have to use the direct url, copied from the address bar, like so:

url <- ''
b <- gsheet2tbl(url)

This works because this makes the gid, which is the sheet identifier, available. If you have problems downloading the first sheet, this can also help too.