#> See the package vignette with `vignette("andrews")`


The andrews routine, implemented by Jaroslav Myslivec, has been rewritten and extended. The old routine is still available as andrews0 and the rewritten routine should give the same graphics with the same parameter values.

op <- par(mfrow=c(1,2))
andrews0(iris, main="andrews0")
andrews(iris, main="andrews")

Some more types of curves has been added. To see more comparisons of andrews and andrews0, run interactively



Full parameter list for andrews is:

andrews (df, type = 1, clr = NULL, step = 100, ymax = 10,          # old parameters
         alpha = NULL, palcol = NULL, lwd = 1, lty = "solid", ...) # new parameters

The parameters in the call to andrews that come in ... are passed to plot to draw the base window:

Note that the setting of ylim has priority over the setting of ymax.

Scaling the window height and width

The height of the window can be scaled by setting ymax or ylim.

  1. If ymax is not set then ylim=c(-10,10) is used.
  2. if ymax is set to NA, then ylim=c(-lim,lim), where the maximum height lim is calculated from the curves. Note that this option doubles the calculation time.
  3. by setting ylim directly.
andrews(iris, main="no ymax")
andrews(iris, ymax=NA, main="ymax=NA")
andrews(iris, ylim=c(-1,3), main="ylim=c(-1,3)")

The width of the window can be scaled by setting xlim, which is particularly useful for type==3 or type==5.

andrews(iris, type=3, xlim=c(0,6*pi), ymax=NA)

Line type and width

The parameters lty and lwd determine the linetype and width. The length of the parameters must be either 1 or nrow(df). In the first case the values are applied to each curve, in the second case lty[i] and lwd[i] are used for the ith line.

andrews(iris, ymax=NA, lwd=3)

Colouring the curves

The curves can be coloured individually if length(clr)==nrow(df).

andrews(iris, ymax=NA, clr=rainbow(nrow(iris)))