RapidoPGS 2.1.0

RapidoPGS 2021-06-09 - Removed need for N_LD in rapidopgs_multi().

RapidoPGS 2021-06-08 - Updated dependency versions. - Change some stuff for CRAN submission.

RapidoPGS 2021-04-14 - New vignette for rapidopgs_multi() and minor changes in rapidopgs_single() vignette. - New dataset michailidou19, analogous to michailidou but in hg19 build, required for rapidopgs_multi() examples.

2021-03-08 - New implementation of rapidopgs_multi(), which now allows to use pre-computed LD matrices. - rapidopgs_multi() now uses a different susie implementation, as implemented in coloc package. - rapidopgs_multi() added parameters to select trait type, as well as path to LD matrices, and sample size for the dataset used for LD matrix computation. - coloc added as a dependency.

RapidoPGS 2.0.0

RapidoPGS 2021-01-27 - Fixed bug in rapidopgs_single() that prevented it for running for quantitative traits. - Fixed missing space in message for users in rapidopgs_single().

2020-12-17 - Changed function name computePGS() to rapidopgs_single(). - rapidopgs_single() dropped the requirement for MAF for case-control traits. - rapidopgs-single() added a parameter to select type of trait (case-control or quantitative) of the dataset used in the call. - rapidopgs_multi() function added, which applies SuSiE method to PGS computing. - susieR added as a dependency. - create_1000G() added, which automatically download and sets up a reference panel for rapidopgs_multi() from 1000 Genomes Phase III. - sd.prior.est() function added to use heritability estimates to create an informed SD prior.

RapidoPGS 1.0.2

2020-08-03 - Corrected description paragraph to not mention the package itself. Now it starts as “Quickly computes…”. - Included package reference (authors (year), <doi:…>) in DESCRIPTION. - Olly Burren added as a contributor - Included reference to preprint in README. - Included executable examples in the exported functions. - Updated the website to include links to GitHub on the side.

RapidoPGS 1.0.1

2020-07-24 - First package version and attempt to submission to CRAN.